The Selection – Kiera Cass (audiobook)

the selectionThe Selection (The Selection #1) by Kiera Cass
Narrated by Amy Rubinate

Audiobook released April 24, 2012
Source: library

I fell in love with The Selection when I first read it about a year ago and I knew I had to reread it before picking up The Elite. I saw that my library had the audiobook in their collection and I checked it out. I am still just as in love with the story and the characters as I was the first time around! The narrator had a bit of a robotic voice overall but when she was absolutely enchanting when narrating dialogue. I found myself chuckling at some of Prince Maxon’s lines that weren’t particularly funny but hearing them spoken out loud just tickled me (wow, can I sound cheesier?) I would totally recommend this book to both those who have read The Selection as well as those who are new to the series.

For those who don’t know The Selection is about a girl named America Singer who enters a competition called the Selection. The Selection consists of 35 girls from different castes (aka different classes of society) competing for the hand of the Prince as well as the title of Princess. America is reluctant to enter because she has a secret love at home but understands that her family could use the financial support that comes with being part of the Selection. I have heard it called The Hunger Games meets The Bachelor and I usually don’t agree with comparisons but this one is totally relevant!  America is a great main character who I can’t help but like.



2 thoughts on “The Selection – Kiera Cass (audiobook)

  1. Cece says:

    I have seen this book a lot around the internet but never gave it much thought – now that I read your synopsis I am really interested!

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