The Host – Stephenie Meyer

1656001The Host – Stephenie Meyer
May 6, 2008 by Little Brown and Company
Source: purchased

I ended up really enjoying The Host. It starts out a bit dry but there is some important story/world building that I couldn’t imagine taking it out. Maybe if it was more concise? I powered through the first part because I heard how great the middle + ending are. I am so glad I did! If you do decide to pick this up, just know the last 2/3 are pretty amazing. If the first 1/3 was as good as the rest I think this would have been a 5 star for me but alas not all books are perfect 😉

The story is told from the POV of Wanderer, who is an alien who has traveled across the universe to several different planets before coming to Earth. Earth is not in a post-apocalyptic time unless you are human. The aliens have “taken over” earth by taking over human bodies, which are referred to as hosts. When an alien takes over, they have control and the human fades and disappears. Usually aliens are implanted at a young age to prevent the human rebelling. The Wanderer however is implanted in young adult Melanie Stryder. Melanie is a fiery one who fights against the Wanderer taking full control. Wanderer feels and sees Melanie’s past, which leads her to want to find those she left behind. They begin their journey together to find those they love.

I loved Wanderer’s journey to become human. She learns about the good and bad of humanity through people’s actions. While the aliens are not bad or violent, they are also not right. The humans are the most deeply emotional race that the aliens have run into and therefore the first ones to “rebel” against their ways.

The romance in this novel is actually believable. I thought it was going to make me mad but I was pleasantly surprised. I originally felt it was going to feel forced because the whole “last of the humans” situation and therefore. Nope. There is a bit of a love triangle/square situation going on but it made sense to me why it was happening. I’ll just say there was plenty of enjoyable kissing.

I would have to say that Jeb is my absolute favorite character. He is funny and compassionate but above all Wanderers biggest protector. Simply put he is all the good that is humanity. He had me getting teary eyed one minute and laughing out loud the second. There needs to be more Jeb’s in the world.



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