Classics Retold

I am really excited to share with you a reading challenge I recently signed up! There have been a lot of YA/MG books published in the past few years that are a re-telling of a classic myth or story. Alison from The Cheap Reader came up with the idea of CLASSICS RETOLD. Choose a classic that is of interest of you and either read (or reread) the original text. After reading the classic of choice, immerse yourself in any adaptations, spin-offs, sequels, or retellings. When September rolls around, everyone will spend time sharing their thoughts, reviews and anything else that seems of interest surrounding their chosen classic!

This challenge is still in the sign-up phase until May 25 so if it seems at all interesting go check out one of these lovely hosting blogs from more information about their related era or focus and for a full list of breakdown/rules:

I am personally participating in Mythology Classics! I am focusing my reading on various gods/titans. I have a book I read freshman year of high school that I am going to use as my classic text and plan on reading the Percy Jackson series in entirety as the focus of my retellings. If I have enough time I may read others that cover multiple gods (Oh. My. Gods.) or ones that have specific gods (Of Poseidon, Everneath). As you can see I have plenty of things to read between now and September!

Are you planning on participating? If you have already signed up, what classic are you focusing on?

9 thoughts on “Classics Retold

  1. Trish says:

    Sounds great, I’m doing my own Dust off Your Classics challenge but this one is really catching my attention too. Love the idea of the children’s classic, think I might have to join 🙂

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