This Is What Happy Looks Like – Jennifer E. Smith

ImageThis Is What Happy Looks Like – Jennifer E. Smith
Published April 2nd, 2013 by Poppy (Little, Brown and Company)
Page Count: 416

This is a heart-warming tale of a summer romance between two characters from different worlds. Ellie O’Neill receives an e-mail by mistake asking for her to take care of the senders pig. The sender and pig owner turn out to be teen heartthrob Graham Larkin. Both Ellie and Graham keep their identities secret as they continue to e-mail and share bits and pieces of their lives. Ellie shares a detail about her small hometown in Maine that Graham decides would be perfect for the new movie he is shooting. The rest of the book tells how they come together and the struggles their budding romance faces.

I loved both the main characters. They both have their own strengths and flaws that make them relatable. The book is set in a small town in Maine and Smith does a great job of creating an ideal destination for a light summer read.

Favorite Quote – “It was exactly as he’d thought it would be, like the first time and the millionth time all at once, like being wide awake, like losing his balance.”

Overall a solid 4/5 stars

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